Medicaid Managed Care Assessments

Evaluate personal and home care services New York style.

MedReview helps Medicaid Managed Care and MLTC providers assess and authorize their personal and home care services.

With an extensive staff of board-certified physicians and registered nurses who specialize in home care assessments, we’ve been evaluating the personal care service needs for New York City’s Medicaid program (Human Resources Administration/Home Care Services Program) for nearly 30 years.

MedReview uses assessment tools approved by NYS DOH for Personal Care Assessment and has successfully transitioned the assessment process into the use of the UAS-NY. The plan can be adapted to meet the requirements of any new regulations issued by the New York State DOH. Based on our experience working with the HRA, we ensure the quality and consistency of our program by using only full-time registered nurses in the assessment process.


For difficult clinical issues or the approval of high-hour service plans, our board-certified physicians — trained in Medicaid Personal Care Assessments — are available for consultation. Our home care medical director is also available for consultation in the appeals process.

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