Government Agencies

Serving government agencies with integrity and efficiency for more than four decades.

MedReview provides a variety of reviews and quality audits for state governments and local municipalities including state departments of health and local human resources administrations. Our services are designed to help reduce the billions of dollars lost annually to systematic waste, inefficiency and abusive practices.

With contracts awarded through a competitive bidding process, we currently provide numerous services to state and local government agencies

  • Investigation of complaints against nursing homes.
  • Quality surveillance of adult care and assisted living facilities.
  • Certification and recertification of licensed home care service agencies.
  • Infection control review.
  • Review of AIDS services providers.
  • Medical review for the Medicaid home care services programs.
  • Quality audit of the WeCARE program.

Demanding greater accountability in the delivery of care and adhering to the highest standards for accuracy and integrity, we work together with our partners in government to reduce waste, resolve improper claims and ensure that quality healthcare is available to those who need it most.

Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary algorithms, our physician-led clinical team and certified coders detect, identify and prevent improper claims and billing irregularities at lightning speed, uncovering millions of dollars in savings for government agencies each year.

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