MetroPlus Health Plan

Since 1996, NYCHSRO/ MedReview has been under contract with MetroPlus to perform medical record review services. These services consist of annual review of medical records at all of the MetroPlus contracted facilities during a 4 month period for the NYS Department of Health Quality Assurance Reporting requirements. In addition, NYCHSRO/MedReview has performed all the plan reviews for select clinically focused studies throughout the year, including those for our HIV Special Needs program, as well as all our other lines of business. NYCHSRO/ MedReview has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to competently manage large scale data collection within a confined period of time. From scheduling site visits through conducting the review and reporting back its findings, NYCHSRO/MedReview’s management of these projects has been excellent. Due to the success of our quality reviews, we have recently expanded our contract to include utilization review services.

– Arnold Saperstein, MD, Executive Director, MetroPlus Health Plan