MetroPlus Health Plan

Since 1996, NYCHSRO/ MedReview has been under contract with MetroPlus to perform medical record review services. These services consist of annual review of medical records at all of the MetroPlus contracted facilities during a 4 month period for the NYS Department of Health Quality Assurance Reporting requirements. In addition, NYCHSRO/MedReview has performed all the plan reviews for select clinically focused studies throughout the year, including those for our HIV Special Needs program, as well as all our other lines of business. NYCHSRO/ MedReview has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to competently manage large scale data collection within a confined period of time. From scheduling site visits through conducting the review and reporting back its findings, NYCHSRO/MedReview’s management of these projects has been excellent. Due to the success of our quality reviews, we have recently expanded our contract to include utilization review services.

– Arnold Saperstein, MD, Executive Director, MetroPlus Health Plan

Maimonides Medical Center

I believe that there is a fundamental mutual respect between NYCHSRO & Maimonides Medical Center despite the fact that occasionally we have been on the opposite ends of hospital review. We have consistently found that NYCHSRO’s determinations, always based on careful reviews, are accurate precisely because they are consistently based on solid clinical judgment. Over the years I have known that I can count on the NYCHSRO staff to be accessible & knowledgeable enough to assure that the program runs smoothly & impartially.

– Pamela S. Brier, President & Chief Executive Officer, Maimonides Medical Center


For over 10 years, Elderplan has utilized a scope of professional services provided by MedReview including retrospective DRG validation, focused reviews & medical necessity reviews of impatient services rendered to our Medicare Advantage Plan members. Through these years, NYCHSRO/MedReview has provided us with unbiased, accurate reviews. MedReview has consistently met our requirements for timely review, analysis and reporting. In addition, they offer recommendations & suggestions for maximizing utilization review opportunities.

– Lynda Montella, RN, AVP, Medical & Quality Management, Elderplan


EPlan has a long standing partnership with NYCHSRO to provide comprehensive medical record & bill review and the quality of service and level of results we receive are noteworthy. NYCHSRO’s management & staff continuously demonstrate professionalism, competency, & a comprehensive understanding of industry processes & work flow, producing timely &effective results.

– Matthew Davis, Executive Vice President, EPlan

Varvak Computing Inc.

Varvak Computing Inc. has worked with the NYCHSRO on a professional level for over 20 years. This relationship has remained strong in that it is easy to maintain relationships when the personnel you are working with from the top management to review staff are knowledgeable,efficient, innovative, cooperative and outcome motivated.

– Howard Spivak, PhD, President, Varvak Computing Inc.

Four Seasons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Four Seasons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has worked with NYCHSRO for over 7 years, & I am confident that with the level of professionalism that your organization has demonstrated you will be able to perform responsibly, with integrity & competence. NYCHSRO has provided a significant degree of assistance with our quality assurance & utilization review programs, here at the Sunrise & Lakeside Adult Day Care ADHC facilities, over the years. Our experience with NYCHSRO has clearly & completely demonstrated that the organization has reputable & professional clinical & quality assurance staff. NYCHSRO’s staff displayed an extensive knowledge of all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the issues of continuum of care, particularly as they apply to the ADHCs and long term care.

– Alan Saperstein, Director of Operations, Four Seasons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

I have a long-standing professional relationship with NYCHSRO & am confident that it has the experience & capability to fulfill the requirements of the proposed statement of work. Throughout the course of our work together, I have appreciated the high level of professionalism exhibited by NYCHSRO’s technical & managerial staff members. NYCHSRO has a team of experts in publicly funded long term services that is unmatched. They are innovators who seek cost effective mechanisms to meet the need of New Yorkers, while assuring that quality of care is maintained.

– David Hoos, MD, MPH, Senior Implementation Director, International Center for AIDS Care & Treatment Programs, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

International Union of Operating Engineers

I am the Fund Administrator for the Health & Benefit Fund & this Fund has been utilizing MedReview for all utilization management services for many years. Over the years, MedReview has provided this Fund with quality service & professionalism. The MedReview staff that our office works with, on a daily basis, provides outstanding services to our Fund. The Fund can always count on MedReview to be efficient, organized & willing to do whatever is needed to get a particular task completed.

– Kathryn M. Fisler, Administrator, International Union of Operating Engineers: Local Union 94, 94A, B

United Health Group Company

For the past 3 years, NYCHSRO/MedReview has served, with distinction, as Utilization Management Review arm assuring our enrollees that services rendered meet recognized standards of care & are being performed in the most effective & efficient manner. What started out as a New York State program has rapidly expanded to other states, such as New Jersey. We appreciate the high level of professionalism that is evident in your clinical & administrative staff.

– Pat Celli, President, AmeriChoice of New York – A UnitedHealth Group Company

My work with MedReview commenced in 2006 targeted at improving coding of impatient claims submitted to AmeriChoice of New York from network facilities. My positive experience with MedReview in New York encouraged me to introduce the MedReview process into AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania.

-Ernest Monfiletto, CEO, AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania – A UnitedHealth Group Company