Linda Terrell Patterson, R.N., B.S., Senior Vice President, UHC Operations

Lynda Patterson

Linda Terrell Patterson, R.N., B.S., joined NYCHSRO/MedReview in 1978 and is responsible for supervising national contracts for retrospective review, e.g., United Health/AmeriChoice in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Great Lakes region, Wisconsin and Texas. Ms Patterson previously served as Vice President of Operations, Director of Home Care, Senior Quality Assurance Coordinator and Nurse Review Coordinator; was involved in staff, supervisory and management functions in review programs for home care, ambulatory care and private review; and designed and implemented programs for ambulatory quality of care and utilization review. Ms. Patterson is an expert in health care cost containment and is skilled in maintaining a review operation which efficiently and effectively services numerous clients of various sized operations on a timely basis.

Ms. Patterson previously served as a Registered Nurse at New York Hospital, the University of Arizona Medical Center and the University of Maryland Hospital, with experience in Emergency Room/Burn and Trauma, Surgical and Medical Intensive Care and Ambulatory Care.

Ms. Patterson received her degree in Nursing Administration at the Hunter College School of Nursing and her B.S. in Nursing at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing.