Marvin Lieberman, Ph.D.

Marvin Lieberman

Marvin Lieberman, Ph.D has been a member of the NYCHSRO-MedReview Board since 1997 .  He was formerly the Director of the Committee on Medicine in Society of the New York Academy of Medicine and also served as Acting  Director of the Academy.   He is a recipient of the Academy Plaque for Exceptional Service to the Academy.  A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the City College of New York , he has a Ph. D, in political science from New York University and a JD degree from NYU’s School of Law. He has held faculty appointments at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and at the Wagner School of NYU, the Columbia School of Public Health, Sarah Lawrence College, and Rutgers University. He has served as  president of the Public Health Association of New York City,  chair of the Board of the Fund for Aging Services and also chaired the New York Citizens’ Committee on Aging.  He is the co-author of  The New York Academy  of Medicine, 1947-1997, Enhancing the Health of the Public.